Our Mission

To help small businesses create and implement marketing communication strategies that increases their opportunities for success. We do this through a foundation built on experience, integrity and the passion to make things happen without compromise, within budget and on schedule.

The values that define Integress disciplines and work ethic are woven from our bond with the Hawaiian culture. Rooted in Óhana heritage and the values of Ho óhika and Ho ámau, our principles are based on the unconditional extension of trust and integrity, and the unceasing commitment to achieving shared goals and objectives.

Brands Served

With over 20 years of cross-functional marketing experience across the b2b and b2c spaces, we have collaborated with many top brands helping achieve acquisition, growth and retention based marketing objectives.

Brands Served

Building Relationships

Engaging prospective customers, inspiring their consideration, their preference and finally their loyalty is part of what we bring our clients. The methodologies we employ to achieve these results are much like the methods everyday people use when building personal relationships. Because, when you stop and think about it, that's what marketing is really all about. It's about building relationships. And much like finding a best friend, we help our clients find their best customers.

Targeting the right audience, offering the right solutions, gaining their trust, having a meaningful dialog, is all part of building good customer relationships. At Integress it's about a communication process where we come to learn precisely what your customers needs and wants are, and then offering a solution, your solution through their preferred marketing channels. That's how we cut through the clutter. We listen and deliver. It could be through the mail, email, online, mobile device or a combination of multiple media. Whatever their media preference is, they are relevant, meaningful and are based on trust. The kinds of things real relationships are made of.

Leadership You Can Rely On

Integress Marketing, Inc. is led through a founding partnership between David Kaminski and Kathleen Kaminski. Having achieved senior level marketing management positions within the agency, corporate and not-for-profit entities, David and Kathleen offer their clients a unique and innovative, yet pragmatic approach to campaign strategy, creative development and turn-key project management. Integress management, along with their accomplished team, can turn your marketing goals and objectives into successful realities. For more information about Integress and how we can help, please contact us