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In keeping with the customs of the south pacific, may we say to you, “Aloha” – welcome to Integress Marketing. With every client, we set our sights on creating e and implementing communication strategies designed to elicit specific actions or responses. Forward thinking, innovative, and with boundless imagination, we captivate and motivate target audiences. Our goal: results that soar above and beyond your marketing objectives. Whether you’re building a brand, activating a customer file or simply seeking a refreshed ad campaign that will engage customers and drum up higher profits, we invite you to partner with Integress. Together, let’s ride wave after wave of success.  

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driven by passion and majestic value

Our mission is to help businesses  create and implement marketing communication strategies that increase opportunities for success. We do this from a foundation built not on sand, but from rock solid decades of experience, integrity and passion to make things happen without compromise – on time, on strategy and on budget.  

The values that define Integress disciplines and work ethic have their origins in the Hawaiian culture. Rooted in Óhana heritage, our principles align with the spirit of aloha – a spirit that embraces compassion, responsibility and the desire to create a positive experience in whatever opportunity we face.

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Strategic Development

Not every marketing activity requires an involved and lengthy planning process. We understand that. Sometimes it’s more efficient to gather the important details and just get it done.  However, when it comes to forward thinking and navigating extraordinary opportunities we engage in a deliberate process to maximize optimum outcomes. We accomplish this through a comprehensive understanding of your products, services, market, business goals and objectives. Then collaboratively, we chart the best path towards achieving them.


The right solutions and strategies are often uncovered in the details. When it comes to analytics, we take a pragmatic approach to identify key variables that contribute to campaign success. Simple segmentation, profiling activities and predictive modeling tactics serve as navigation tools that help us find that perfect wave and execute the perfect campaign.


No one knows your business better than you. So we listen. We listen to gain a thorough understanding of your brand. Your passion. Your aspirations. All of which provide us with the spark that fires up inspiration, and leads to compelling, relevant and most importantly, actionable communications that resonate with your audience.

Communication Media

Today there are infinite ways of getting your message out.  But what is the most effective and efficient for your company?  Print, Direct Mail, Social, Online, Email, Outdoor, Mobile or a synchronized Omni-marketing approach?  Let us help create and implement your best course-of-action.

Marketing Services

If you’ve taken the time to wade through all this content, blah blah blah… you’ve figured out we offer Marketing Services. It’s not complicated. Whether you have a small or robust project that needs help, call on us. We’ll bring creativity and innovative thinking that will engage actionable results you seek.

Brands Served

With over 25+ of cross-functional marketing experience across the b2b and b2c spaces, we have collaborated with many top brands helping achieve acquisition, growth and retention based marketing objectives.

Building Relationships

Innovative perspectives, unique outcomes

Engaging prospective customers, inspiring their consideration, their preference and finally their loyalty is part of what we bring our clients. The methodologies we employ to achieve these results are much like the methods everyday people use when building personal relationships. Because, when you stop and think about it, that's what marketing is really all about. It's about building relationships. And much like finding a best friend, we help our clients find their best customers.

Targeting the right audience, offering the right solutions, gaining their trust, having a meaningful dialog, is all part of building good customer relationships. At Integress it's about a communication process where we come to learn precisely what your customers needs and wants are, and then offering a solution, your solution through their preferred marketing channels. That's how we cut through the clutter. We listen and deliver. It could be through the mail, email, online, mobile device or a combination of multiple media. Whatever their media preference is, they are relevant, meaningful and are based on trust. The kinds of things real relationships are made of.

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Leadership You Can Rely On

because we care as much as you do

Integress Marketing, Inc. is led through a founding partnership between David Kaminski and Kathleen Kaminski. Having achieved senior level marketing management positions within the agency, corporate and not-for-profit entities, David and Kathleen offer their clients a unique and innovative, yet pragmatic approach to campaign strategy, creative development and turn-key project management. Integress management, along with their accomplished team, can turn your marketing goals and objectives into successful realities.

David and Kathleen celebrating 25+ years of marketing collaboration... and bliss.

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